Feb 24, 2012
Killer Ken
Ken Loi - Play Me (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Ken Loi - Electric Neon (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Ken Loi - Blitz (Original Mix) [Big Beat]

Breakthrough San Francisco producer Ken Loi has had nothing but success in the last year. He was invited by Tiesto to play the sold-out finale to the College Invasion Tour in Los Angeles, on top of gigs in Vegas and many hometown throwdowns at Ruby Skye. A clear favorite of the god of Dutch house, he’s got a hard, driving sound that’s supremely versatile on top of unique.

With terrifying momentum, Ken’s released a six-song shooter of an EP, out now on Beatport. Straight to the action: title track Play Me is big, big, BIG. Today’s brand of electro is all about big-room, and this is a sparkling example. It’s like Avicii and Dada Life swirling around a blender with a dash of Kaskade. It wouldn’t hurt to mention that this track got plenty of play-time from those names, either.

Versatility is the name of the game with the Ken man, and Electric Neon is right on that train. Starting out a little dark and building into greatness, this track brings the smackdown with a festival buildup like no other. Blitz brings in the techy depth with the same attention to melody, and it’s got another steep drop as well. Every one of these tracks are true ragers; get this EP in your wallet now.

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