Oct 20, 2014
PICS: Kill The Noise, Milo & Otis, Ape Drums Get Majestic As Fak In SF
Yo Majesty - Club Action (Smookie Illson Bootleg)
Flux Pavilion feat. Steve Aoki - Steve French (Milo & Otis Remix) [Circus]
Kill The Noise feat. Mercedes - Jump Ya Body (Collie Buddz Edit)
Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Kill The Noise Remix) [MTA]
Kill The Zo - Part I

Photos: Andrew Codd

Kill The Noise brought friends Milo & Otis and Ape Drums to San Francisco on an otherwise sleepy Wednesday night, Oct. 15 on the West Coast leg of his Majestic As Fak tour. A few hundred people with a few dozen steady day jobs descended on The Regency Ballroom on a Wednesday night for what turned into a gathering of the area’s fervent bass music freaks most willing/able to feel a bit rough on a Thursday morning.

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

Ape Drums was beating rhythmically on the lean crowd when we arrived, clad in a Turkish football team jersey while steadily bringing the tempo up to a breakneck 148ish. Ape’s heavy jungle terror vibes and hardstyle tendencies toward the end primed the Ballroom nicely for a long night of weekday raging. The premieres came early with a play of Alvin Risk’s now-available hybrid electro hammer Alone.

“This is brand new Alvin Risk right here,” he announced.

The crowd seemed to like it, but they were dancing a ton… so it was hard to tell. But the good stuff didn’t stop there.

“This is a new collab between me, Kill The Noise, and Skrillex,” he said over the PA before fading in a clip of some very vocal big room thunder with a bit of tribal flavor–looking forward to this one.

Milo and otis

Two-headed bass item Milo & Otis took the stage next for a filthy set with big trap and future cuts from across the board.

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

IBETCHU from Yellow Claw and Cesqeaux was a particularly popular inclusion, with the guys directing the track’s eponymous “I bet you” vocals at the crowd with pointed fingers, singing along.

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

The Majestic As Fak lineup brought out a small army of these artists’ most dedicated fans in the Bay, and they had the 100-year-old ballroom all to themselves for a night of partying with a handful of the scene’s best. Thursday morning? That’s not until tomorrow.

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

His fakin Majesty himself came ready to do battle on a Wednesday and rewarded loyal followers who showed up to do the same with a celebration of bass highlighted with surprises.

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

His set opened with a bit of his snarling, reggae-tinged dubstep like the Collie Buddz edit of Jump Ya Body–a perfect match for the locale–as he got comfy on stage in his #FREELIFE jersey and black cap swilling a Bud Light.

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

While he skipped the signature bandana, the iconic skull faces had popped up across the modestly sized crowd of elite fans by the time he started. These were not casual weekenders, and not only because it was literally a weekday. Everyone in the building was living it… as fak.

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

“San Fran, put your hands together.”

Apparently nobody was feeling the last slice of pizza backstage, requiring that it be frisbeed into the crowd. Not sure if anyone jumped on it, but here’s some pics of the pizza slice in action:

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

… the windup…

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

Flying pizza’s cool and all, but what happened next tho…

“This is a song I wrote with my friend Feed Me.”

The Ballroom quickly filled with cheers followde by the sound of a children’s choir riding the anthemic melody of his unreleased collaborative Far Away with longtime friend Jon Gooch, or Feed me (listen).

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

Now at full steam (and with official flag specialist Killagraham on duty), the KTN train rolled over the crowd with heat from the likes of Valentino Khan and RL Grime with What So Not. This brought the crowd into a raucous “Kill The Noise” chant and a perfect opportunity to kill the music for some crowdsourced noise. He broke the silence again with Kill The Noise Part 1 and his blistering remix of Nero’s Must Be The Feeling, pushing the Ballroom’s occupants to a new level.

“Make some fuckin’ noise, come on.”

Kill the noise ape drums milo & otis regency sf

After Flux Pavilion’s remix of Jah No Partial, the music ceased and a familiar dial tone echoed across the auditorium with an evil voice, beckoning Talk To Me, the famous words of another vicious demon from His Majesty’s dark fakin past. He followed up with a comparatively new monster in Kill The Zo’s Part I, the first episode from his adventures with Mat Zo.

“How you guys feelin’?” He asked. “You guys wanna hear some more shit? Here–here’s a good one.”

With that, the buildup of Turn Down For What floated in and confused the entire room just before peaking out into (surprise!) one of the best Rickrolls I’ve ever experienced. Even better, the clever prank turned into a monster trap mix of the adorably obnoxious ’80s tune. All this talk about devotion and never giving people up and all that shit needed an aggressive counterbalance, courtesy of Jonah Kay & Dead The Noise’s extremely metal remix of Black Magic and Flux Pavilion’s remix of Recess.

“Make some noise for Milo & Otis! Make some noise for Ape Drums!” he said as Flux’ Recess remix resumed.

kill the noise sf regency

“Those are my favorite lyrics of 2014,” he said, cutting the music once again. “‘Fight ’till you can’t fight. Everybody’s alright.’ ’cause most of the time, everybody is alright, even though they’re, like, whining about bullshit, which is basically the story of my life.”

He jumped back in with a remix of Queen’s We Will Rock You, adding to an already rock-infused set for a night of bass music that rocked the crowd from beginning to end.

“Thank you guys very much. I love you guys. Thank you for coming out–Wednesday night in San Francisco–it means a lot to us. See you next time… in theory. That’s the problem with Wednesday nights: midnight,” he said, glancing offstage for the green light as the crowd chanted wildly for one more. “We’re uh… we’re fucked, right? yeah, we’re fucked. Have a good night!”

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