Dec 25, 2011
Kili Killers
Savoy - Kili (Original Mix) [Manufactured]

The boys from Colorado continue their run of head-turning productions with Kili, a new rockin’ electro tune. Savoy has wowed us in the past with their boundless cross-genre style, leaving every new release a pleasant surprise. Another recent release, I’m in Need, showed us their knack for melding progressive melodies with heavy basslines from dubstep and electro house. While Savoy’s certainly not the first group to straddle these genres, they are one of the few that maintains a high level while maintaining little to no repetitious formulas between tracks.

Kili draws from one of their earliest and most profound influencers, Daft Punk and Justice. In an interview with LessThan3, group member Mike stated, “we saw people like Daft Punk that had a whole other sound and presentation and we were like, ‘this is real dance music.’ All the sounds and subfrequencies we couldn’t get with our instruments were there.” Those sounds are certainly there in Kili, a track that meshes modern electro production with French house melody. Enjoy; it’s a doozy!

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