Apr 11, 2012
Kid Alien Debuts Stay With Me
Kid Alien - Stay With Me (HavocNdeeD vs King RemiX) [LessThan3]
Kid Alien - Little Bit Lower (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Kid Alien - Stay With Me (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Kid Alien - Stay With Me (Luke Da Duke Remix) [LessThan3]

We certainly feel like LessThan3 artist Kid Alien has shown a good deal of versatility over the past few months, from The Atmosphere to All My Sorrows (Rain On Me) to his big room, bone-rattling Heartbeat guest mix, but today we are pleased to show the world that what’s been demonstrated so far is but a microcosm of this young singer/songwriter/producer/DJ’s musical abilities. Stay With Me, the title of Kid Alien’s debut EP, is perhaps an issued word of advice, as the songs contained herein are a set of familiar sounds and genres combined in distinctly unique new forms. Hit play and join us in allowing your imagination to be captured by sheer creativity.

The opening and self-titled track of the EP, Stay With Me, is the result of sonic polygamy–somewhat of a hybrid lovechild of pop, dubstep, and R&B. The track’s beautiful lyrics speak directly to the often difficult challenge of breaking free and beginning anew while holding onto precious pieces of the past. Little Bit Lower leans a bit closer to the R&B side of things, with a more chilled-out pace, sexier vocals, and deep and wobbling basslines. Justin Timberlake would likely be quite intrigued.

Also included on the EP are two remixes of Stay With Me, one by LessThan3’s very own Luke Da Duke and another by HavocNdeeD and King. The Duke’s take turns the original into a club smasher, infusing it with two distinct drops to please both electro and prog house crowds. You can be sure that fans will find themselves singing right along as this drops on dancefloors around the world. Finally, the HnD remix takes things into a bit of a Redlight direction with a combination of both higher and deeper variants of the vocal track. A unique breaksy beat, reversed synths, and a dreamy breakdown make this a stand-out track.

Be on the lookout for this rising EDM vocalist as his versatility continues to intrigue producers everywhere. There also seem to be some rumors circulating about another Klauss Goulart collab–but you didn’t hear that from us! Show Kid Alien some love on his Facebook page or via Twitter, and download the EP from iTunes and Beatport!

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