Jun 12, 2014
Kevin Saunderson & Inner City Toast To The ‘Bad Girl’

Detroit techno mastermind Kevin Saunderson reunited with Paris Grey of Inner City for Bad Girl, a tribute to the late Donna Summer which now has a fittingly retro music video.

Saunderson is best known as one of the Belleville Three, credited with pioneering the techno genre in the early 1980s. He hooked up with Paris Grey in the late ’80s to form Inner City, who had a successful run with a series of crossover pop hits into the early ’90s. Bad Girl is their first collaboration since 2011’s Future, and this time around they’ve gone full-on, bellbottomed disco house, complete with a music video that gives us a glimpse at what that bygone era looked like. The tune is an ode to the legacy of the one and only Donna Summer, riffing on her classic 1979 single Bad Girls.

Add some vintage flavor to your week and check out the video below, via our friends over at Mixmag. Bad Girl is out now on Beatport, via Saunderson’s own KMS Records.

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