Jan 13, 2015
Kennedy Jones Wants To Pay Your Bills + Our Top 5 Bills We’d Have Him Pay

The man Kennedy Jones is giving back to his fans in a big way, and he knows y’all have some massive debt tho. So here’s the plan: Prove you’re a loyal #TeamKJ supporter with a positive attitude and a serious financial obligation, and Kennedy Jones will pick up the tab. No joke.

Jones lays out the scheme in his own words:

“#KJPAYDAY enables me to directly give back to the #TeamKJ family. I will be picking a different fan every month for whom I will pay a bill of their choice. This is all done on a case by case basis but will be at random. I may pick a fan that I meet out at a show, someone that I see constantly supporting #TeamKJ on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud, as well as when I see someone who goes out of their way for someone else or constantly is radiating positivity. Some alternate ways to be considered for #KJPAYDAY will be announced on my Facebook/Twitter each month. This is all about YOU.”

January’s winner had KJ pay off her student loans so she could teach English in Thailand–pretty awesome. Get more info on how to enter at the bottom of the page.

While we hope some very deserving fan gets their bills covered by Kennedy Jones, it reminded us what a frightening pile of debt we’re in.
Here are five slightly personal, highly embarrassing debts we’d like to hand over to Kennedy Jones… and force him to pay… IN HIS NAME! MUAHAHAHAHA!

5. Our enormous tab at Good Vibrations

kennedy jones pays your bills

4. Our large investment in Throx, the socks that come in threes

kennedy jones pays your bills

3. Outstanding phone sex hotline bill

kennedy jones pays your bills

2. Those 1,000 pizzas we sent to Avicii’s new house

kennedy jones pays your bills

1. Our debt to Big Worm

kennedy jones pays your bills

#KJPAYDAY Requirements of Recipient if Selected:

-Must provide a scanned copy of the bill you want paid.

-Amounts are reviewed on a case by case basis.

-Recipient must be 18 years of age or older (Or with written parent consent to participate).

-Selected participant may be asked to provide a photo and some personal information to be shared in the recap of their selection.

To contact Kennedy Jones #KJPAYDAY about this program, please send an email to KJPayDayProgram[at]gmail[dot]com. Please understand that not all emails may get a response depending on volume, but they will be checked and read. For Management/Press inquiries, please contact Adrian[at]UndocumentedManagement[dot]com.