Feb 10, 2015
Keljet Resurrects Tegan & Sara’s ‘Fix You Up’
Tegan & Sara - Fix You Up (Keljet Remix)

So Jealous was Tegan & Sara’s breakout album, as it established their unique, now-signature vocal style, included their first radio hit Walking With A Ghost, and launched the Canadian sisters’ first major tour. A decade later, Dutch duo Keljet (pictured) has delivered a pleasant blast to the past with their remix of Fix You Up, featured on the girls’ 10-year anniversary release, So Jealous X.

Tegan and Sara commented on the inspiration for the album on their personal website.

“Because So Jealous changed the course of our sound, our career and most importantly our lives we didn’t want to just re-release the record. Instead we wanted to re-ignite the fire that inspired us to make the record in the first place and hopefully allow it to reach a whole new audience.”

Well, the Keljet boys have certainly accomplished the goal to "re-ignite the fire" with this edit, taking the indie/acoustic original and reinventing it with their signature cheery nu disco style. The once mellow, relatively solemn track is now applicable to the dancefloor and beyond.

The remix is available exclusively on the So Jealous X album-book, along with the original So Jealous, a 22-track audio CD with additional remixes by artists such as Matoma and FM Attack, and a DVD containing several of Tegan and Sara’s tour documentaries. You can order So Jealous X here.

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