Nov 03, 2010
Keeping it Fresh
Da Fresh - Warm Sand (Original Mix) [Definitive]
Da Fresh - Once Again (Original Mix) [1605]

Staying current in the constantly-evolving world of dance music is arguably one of the most difficult challenges for established producers. We can all list DJs and producers that at one time or another ruled the charts and packed venues but now are barely heard from. With his recent successful release of Once Again on Umek’s 1605 Records, French techno veteran Da Fresh has proven to be an exception to this trend.  Bassline-driven Once Again is one of the most energetic techno tracks I have heard in a while. Ever since I first encountered this song on Beatport I have dreamed of hearing this track played on a massive sound system so that I could fully appreciate the intensity of this track.

While Once Again remains strong on the Beatport techno charts, Da Fresh has more recently released another favorite of mine, Warm Sand, as the B-side of the Here and Now EP. Warm Sand is more of a lounge experience than something that would be played for a dancefloor. The female vocal slices definitely remind me of old school deep house, though the track itself is a distinctly techno experience.

With quality releases like these Da Fresh can count on having a place in the techno scene for  many years to come, and I for one am looking forward to it.

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