Jul 02, 2011
Keep it Up, 8-Bit
Boy 8-Bit - Madrigal (Original Mix) [This Is Music]
Boy 8-Bit - Fire Extinguisher (Original Mix) [This Is Music]

Mad Decent’s prodigious Boy 8-Bit is at it again. He just released a new EP called Keep with some seriously awesome tracks. But the best part? Two of tracks are free to download! Click here to check them out. Boy 8-Bit is known for combining complex melodies with heavy bass and sexy snares all into one big-room-bangin’ tune. If you’re into melodic house, then he’s your man.

Two songs stand out to me on this EP. The first is Madrigal. You might have heard this broadcasted on BBC’s Rockness Special last week by Fake Blood. I predict big things from this song, as is evidenced by the masterful construction of the melody. It’s got a certain latin flavor to it, yet is still somewhat experimental. I give Boy 8-Bit two thumbs up for deciding not to play it safe. My favorite track has to be Fire Extinguisher. I can’t quite put my finger on it–perhaps it’s the playful progression that makes it sound innocent, or the bouncing basslines, but this song really appeals to me.