Jan 13, 2015
Crimea’s Kazantip Festival Moves To Cambodian Island

Eastern European dance festival Kazantip is moving to a Cambodian island this February only one year after relocating to Anaklia, Georgia from the politically unstable Crimea.

The first move to Georgia was a direct reaction to the 2014 Russian/Ukrainian dispute over the Crimean territory, but the festival’s unruly nature was frowned upon by Georgian officials which has led to its new resting place on Koh Puos, an island off the Cambodian shore.

The Russian-owned island will house the festival from Feb. 18 to 28. Previous lineups have included artists such as Dixon, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Richie Hawtin, and more.

Kazantip multipass tickets start at €200 (or $236). For more information, head here.

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