Mar 26, 2014
Kaytranada Reps ‘The Block’ With Mobb Deep

Canadian beatsmith Kaytranada teams up with veteran emcees Havoc and Prodigy of Mobb Deep (pictured) for a bonafide rap joint entitled The Block.

Kaytranada’s productions are heavily indebted to hip hop, though generally filtered through the slick sheen of contemporary dance music–see last year’s Instrumental Hip Hop Is Dead mixtape for an excellent example of how the Montreal native bridges the gap between these two worlds.

By contrast, The Block is strictly hip hop–forget everything you know about ‘trap’ for the next couple minutes. Kay’s beat is deceptively simple, harking back to the glory days of the ’90s NYC rap scene in which Mobb Deep came up. For their part, the Mobb’s flows are smooth as ever, and The Block is rap for the purists–all rhymes, no hooks; all killer, no filler.

The Block comes from Mobb Deep’s latest mixtape, The Infamous Mobb Deep. Listen below, and check out the whole mixtape over at Pandora (scroll down to #31).

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