Nov 07, 2014
Kavinsky Returns As ‘Sovereign’
Kavinsky - Sovereign

It’s been a year since French electro lord Kavinsky released new music, but this morning he took some time from the tail-end of his tour to drop new track Sovereign. Following up last year’s Odd Look and his indelible classic Nightcall, Sovereign is a synth-laden assault and a welcome end to Kavinsky’s production hiatus.

The track starts in with a slow boiling drone before the beat kicks in and the signature synths break the tension. Taking cues from subtle pitch changes, the entire track rises like a ruler ascending the throne. After the break, the synth work whips back in for a final showing before each track element tapers off, leaving a simple chord progression for a slow fade.

Hopefully this track’s storyline is a metaphor for Kavinsky’s return to production. Little information about the official release was given past a Facebook post telling fans to “have a good weekend,” but we’d recommend following Kavinsky’s SoundCloud for more updates.

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