Apr 25, 2013
Kastle’s Debut Album Gets An A+
Kastle feat. Ayah Marar - Insatiable (Original Mix) [Symbols]
Kastle feat. JMSN - Death From Above (Original Mix) [Symbols]
Kastle feat. Reva DeVito - Things We Can Do (Original Mix) [Symbols]

One of the West coast’s leading beat gurus, Kastle, has his self-titled debut album ready just in time for spring, out on Symbols Recordings. The San Francisco-based producer has had countless releases over the last three years, including original works as well as remixes of artists like The Weeknd, Example, Beyonce, Kanye West… the list goes on and on. His sound can be described as a kind of futuristic R&B that’s being played at an upscale discotheque at the bottom of the ocean, and with this new album, he’ll be making waves that reach every end of the globe.

Most tracks on Kastle feature vocals from various artists, many of whom Kastle has worked with before. Ayah Marar has her voice on two tracks, one of which, Insatiable, does a great job at demonstrating the pair’s ability to build up the energy, hold it there, and then release. Another notable vocalist heard on this release is JMSN, who appears twice. Listen to Death From Above for his good vibes; the track is like a rhythmic dubstep deluxe, and it really has that signature Kastle feel. Towards the end of the album we have Things We Can Do featuring Riva Devito, a dancey beat that brings a whole new dimension to this album, delivering a little bit of jazz and a whole lot of sex appeal right to your earholes. Frankly, this prolific album deserves to be listened to in its entirety, and fortunately, Beatport can help you with that. Enjoy!

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