Jan 12, 2015
Kaskade Signs To Warner Bros. For Two Albums

The historically anti-major Ryan Raddon aka Kaskade signed a two-album deal with Warner Bros. Records, ending his “between labels” phase and marking a confident early step into EDM by the 50-plus-year-old Warner Bros.

The veteran DJ/producer tells Billboard in a lengthy interview that the decision was driven by Warner’s marketing power and their promise not to turn him into a pop machine. Apparently he and CEO Cameron Strang hit it off well.

“I think a lot of majors look at electronic musicians as producers first – they say like, ‘Hey cool, we’ve got all these topline writers and this act we’re trying to break, so can we get a room together and you can do this to it? And you can do that to it?’ It seems formulaic. It was important to me that my voice not be lost, and that anyone I’d do business with understood that I enjoy songwriting, singing, writing and producing. I don’t need the factory behind me, I just need someone to help me get my music heard by as many ears as possible. “

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He had himself a rant over leaving his six-year home of Ultra in March of 2014.

He said that although parting with Ultra took away his method of getting music to fans, he remained hesitant to upload any as free downloads cause morals–or money. It’s hard to tell. He eventually caved.

But now all’s well, as Kaskade links up with Warner to release the product of his past year of work.

I’m super anxious to get material out there. I don’t have an album completed, but I spent most of 2014 in the studio so there will be new music in 2015 for sure. It’s premature to say when, exactly, but this is the primary reason the deal happened. To get new music out.

Financial details of the deal have not been released, and neither has a release date. In the meantime, try on his trap item with Killagraham or the charming video for his John Dahlback collab.

Warner will also release The Prodigy’s The Day Is My Enemy March 30.

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