Nov 06, 2013
Kaskade & Moguai Are ‘Something Something Champs’
Kaskade - Something Something Champs (Kaskade's Atmosphere Mash Up)

Kaskade dropped another free mashup on fans today with Something Something Champs, a celestial collision of Moguai’s Champs and his collab with Zip Zip Through The Night.

Although the name makes it sound like the next underdog comedy, Moguai’s gentle build and classic prog-rave synth work in Champs have already been on a winning streak in 2013, and they have no problem dominating the playing field in Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up. ZZTTN and Kaskade are overshadowed a bit, save for the vocals from whom we’re willing to bet is Ryan Raddon, himself. Altogether, a fine fan-appreciation gift and a catchy new groove for your Wednesday.

Pick it up here for free.

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