Aug 02, 2010
Kaskade Mashups
Haley vs Deadmau5 - Falling In Love With Brazil (Kaskade Mashup)
Wolfgang Gartner vs Kaskade - Steppin' Out Undertaker (Kaskade Mashup)

Ryan Raddon, aka Kaskade, has enjoyed a great 2010. He’s dropped a new artist album, Dynasty, a fantastic compilation album, The Grand and has played an unforgettable set at EDC. He’s one of the most in-demand DJs right now, but that doesn’t go to his head. My friend met the vocal house superstar on the set of his music video for Dynasty and said, “He’s a very chill, very humble guy. He doesn’t let fame get to his head, he was a lot of fun to hang out with.” Looking at Kaskade’s productions, it’s easy to see how someone like him can maintain such a cool demeanor with that added bit of Cali swag. In fact, Kaskade has been nice enough to put out some incredible mashups for free on his Soundcloud account.

I stumbled upon his mashup of Haley vs. Deadmau5′ Falling In Love With Brazil. I instantly fell in love with it and it’s been on repeat for me ever since. The songs fit perfectly together. The blissful, uplifting beat that we all remember from Deadmau5’s Brazil sets the mood at the beginning of the track. It’s a smooth, gradual ride upwards into a melodic atmosphere that coasts you back down and transitions perfectly into Haley’s Falling in Love. Her vocals are as clear and beautiful as ever. Set to be released later this year on the legendary label Ultra Records, Falling in Love is a fantastic song in its own right. The lyrics bring back memories of flashing purple and green lights on the dance floor during Kaskade’s superb performance at the Palladium last year. When you combine the two songs it’s love incarnate, taking you back to the days of high school crushes.

Changing pace, Kaskade first dropped another great mashup, Steppin’ Out Undertaker, at EDC in June. It combines Wolfgang Gartner’s dance floor hit Undertaker with Kaskade’s very own Steppin’ Out. If you found yourself jumping up and down to Wolfgang’s track earlier this year, you’ll love this one. Wolfgang’s sound has evolved since the days of Hookshot, and boy are we glad it did. Taking from the soul of its predecessors, this electro-infused beat is a great indication as to why Wolfgang has enjoyed such a meteoric rise to fame. Add to this Kaskade’s a capella from Steppin’ Out and you’ve got yourself a hot summer anthem that’s sure to smash up any party.

Finally, Kaskade dropped yet another great mashup at the tail-end of his EDC set. Although I’m unsure of the track names, it’s very well done. Check out the video attacthed to this post to see just what a beautiful moment it was. The light show was absolutely amazing! Thank you Kaskade for putting the love back into house. Can we get an ID on this track, please?

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