Jan 13, 2014
Kaskade Keeps Freebies Coming With ‘Don’t Stop Jumangee’
Kaskade & EDX vs. Wayne & Woods & Henrix - Don't Stop Jumangee (Kaskade's Atmosphere Mash Up)

Kaskade made with the free mashups again today with Don’t Stop Jumangee, a strong and beautiful pairing of Don’t Stop Dancing and the ever-wild Jumangee.

As the latest free tune from his tour arsenal, the Don’t Stop Jumangee mashup takes the undeniable power in Jumangee and coats it in his emotive Don’t Stop Dancing. His collab with EDX and Haley offers a new, anthemic feel to Wayne & Woods’ and Henrix’ smasher from last year, and the result is a pleasingly haunting experience. Haley’s vocals float atop the chanting and drums churning from deep in Jumangee’s jungle in a well-crafted contrast of the delicate and forceful.

Pick up your free copy here.

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