Mar 20, 2014
Kaskade ‘Between Labels,’ Releases Track For Free
Kaskade & Thomas Sagstad vs Morning Parade - Under The Stars

Kaskade had a bit of a vent today on Twitter over his Ultra Records exit leaving him without a way to get new music to his fans… just before giving away a new track to fans on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Confused? Join the club. He clarifies with his reasons for being conflicted on giving away music for free as opposed to releasing on a label.

Kaskade has called Ultra home since his 2008 LP Strobelite Seduction and has since released three full-lengths with the label including his most recent, Atmosphere, which apparently didn’t impress on first listen.

OK, this is getting a little ugly. Let’s talk music. Although he’s been giving out free Atmosphere mashups on a regular basis, his reluctancy to give this one away and the nature of the track itself suggests it’s more along the lines of a remix or cover, something he’d rather sign to a label. Download Under The Stars from Kaskade & Thomas Sagstad “vs” Morning Parade, which plays out nicely as a progressive house take on Morning Parade’s hit of the same name.

Quick, someone give this guy a hug.

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