Jun 28, 2010
Karl Marx Beats
Jack Beats - Revolution (Original Mix)

It was Jack Beats’ remix of Get Off that defined the British duo for me. Since then I’ve learned to prep myself to be punched in the face with some sort of bass that, regardless of my countless hours of studying music, has remained foreign to me. Their newest EP, Revolution/Out of Body has managed to stray from that, but is it a bad thing? Absolutely not.

In this release, Jack Beats flaunts their ability to bring us organized chaos in its purest form. Revolution is a collection of “out there” whistles, beats and basslines which, if listened to individually would likely be described as “looney” and a “mess”, but together create this super-catchy rhythm that I can’t say no to. Whether Jack Beats is predicting a global revolt, or describing their own productions, Revolution is one not to miss.

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