Oct 13, 2010
Kamui Wants Your Attention
Kamui - Achtung! (Original Mix) [Approved By Jesus]

Ever since Shmurkio introduced us to Kamui a few weeks ago I became an instant fanatic. Their harder trance sounds almost beg their own genre, and this most recent release on their new label Approved By Jesus (…?), Achtung!, is no different. After hearing this track in a live set by Marcus Schossow, I would say the title sums this track up fairly well–it demands your attention.

The sound that makes this track incredibly unique is the use of a variant of the musical technique called hemiola, which simply put is when a song places a count of three over a count of four. The rhythm you hear at 1:11 that kind of makes you want to pull out some hip-hop moves on a trance song–that’s a type of hemiola. Talk about a new experience for the genre of trance. I can already tell based off of my initial reactions toward this track that it is going to be one of my favorites of 2010, so take a listen and get ready to bang your head.

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