Sep 26, 2012
Just What The Doctor Ordered
Doctor P - Flying Spaghetti Monster (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Doctor P - Keep On Dancing (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Doctor P feat Ce'Cile - Galaxies & Stars (Original Mix) [Big Beat]

With a PhD in wobbles and womping bass, Circus Records co-founder Doctor P just dropped his latest 4-track EP entitled Animal Vegetable Mineral Part 1 on Big Beat Records. For those unfamiliar with Big Beat, it’s a subsidiary of Atlantic Records whose parent company happens to be the super-major label Warner Music Group. Fans might be a little nervous that the dubstep producer decided to release his latest EP through a major label, but rest assured, Doctor P brings the same maddening beats, bleeps, buzzes, and blaring bass usually found on his acclaimed Circus imprint.

Right out of the gate, this EP demonstrates that dubstep isn’t Doctor P’s only proficiency; he’s actually a general practitioner of all things bass, with Animal Vegetable Mineral Part 1 showcasing two tracks of the mombahton and glitch hop variety. Regardless of genre, the entire EP has Doctor P’s signature jump-up production style written all over it, making all selections on Animal Vegetable Mineral Part 1 quite affable to common dubstep fans. For example, Flying Spaghetti Monster, the glitch hop track, is full of modulated bass and galloping percussion phrases–very similar to Doctor P’s earliest dubstep productions. Another superb track on the EP is Keep On Dancing–appropriately named for the Marvin Gaye sample from the tune Got To Give It Up. One of Doctor P’s most melodic productions, this tune’s deafening, squelchy mid-range will likely be punishing people’s eardrums for the rest of the year–in a good way, of course. Lastly, the chest-thumping moombah workout Stars & Galaxies featuring the dancehall vocals of Ce’Cile certainly illustrates that Doctor P’s raw sound translates swimmingly into other genres of EDM. Make sure to check out the entire release, which also includes dubstep banger Bulletproof with Eva Simons, on Beatport here.

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