Nov 29, 2010
Just Set Me Free
Phonat - The Microwave FX (Original Mix) [MofoHifi]
Phonat - Set Me Free (Extended Mix) [MofoHifi]

Michele Balduzz began as an at-home producer in Florence, Italy until the powerhouse indie electronica label MofoHifi Records discovered him on MySpace. They snatched him up quickly, and it seems they made the right decision too. Phonat has been causing a maelstrom in the underground electronica circuit, riding typhoons of critical acclaim and being supported by everybody from Pete Tong to Tiesto. He’s even been called the “Queen” of electronic music. At the heart of his music, Phonat is a welder of different genres. He seems to have taken elements from breaks, electro, and dubstep and made it his own sound.

Set Me Free reminds me a bit of With You Friends by Skrillex. Quirky, glitchy samples and colorful, electro-y synth come together nicely to make one bangin’, happy tune (and video–see below!). A bit on the disco side, this track seems like a bit of a hybrid between it and house, in the end making it more accessible to less hardcore fans of either genre. Moving on, we come to a track that is a bit darker. Straight off of his Cockroaches EP, The Microwave FX is an electronic Frankenstein. There is so much going on in this track it’s hard to describe. Slamming electro synth, short vocal samples, shuffling drum lines, and voltage-inducing guitar riffs come at you all at once in one massive onslaught. Is it breaks? Is it garage? What is this beast? I could imagine this fitting nicely into a Pretty Lights set or beyond. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself!

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