Jan 02, 2014
Just Blaze, Mysto & Pizzi Aim For A High Score On ‘1UP!’
Just Blaze x Mysto & Pizzi - 1UP! (Original Mix)

Hip hop production vet Just Blaze has teamed up with New York big room duo Mysto & Pizzi for 1UP!, a triumphant, Super Mario Bros.-themed festival trap freebie.

1UP! attacks from all angles: on the surface, it’s a shimmering trap beat infused with Mysto & Pizzi’s progressive/trance flavor, but the track also incorporates elements of hardstyle, dubstep, and of course, a heavy dose of vintage 8-bit hooks. This is uncharted territory for Mysto & Pizzi, and what better way to dive into this fertile realm than with a little studio help from an undisputed legend?

Show Mysto & Pizzi some love for venturing outside of their comfort zone by downloading 1UP! in exchange for a “like” on Facebook. Let’s hope there’s more where this came from. Any Sonic The Hedgehog fans out there?