Aug 13, 2012
Junior Veterans
The Field - Looping State Of Mind (Junior Boys Mix) [Kompakt]

I became a fan of the Junior Boys back in 2006 when I discovered their full length album So This Is Goodbye. I guess you could say I’ve been a fan since then, but admittedly not a very avid one. I came across their remix of The Field’s track Looping State of Mind this week and I’ve gotta say, my passion is definitely reignited.

It’s hard to really put Junior Boys into a genre within the scope of modern EDM, but I can tell you that this track in particular runs at 100bpm. While I wouldn’t really label them as a psychedelic group, there is definitely something trippy about their approach to this remix, but the result is nothing but fantastic. Their rework of Looping State of Mind is one of those songs that deceptively builds for the first half or so, dropping into the meat and potatoes of the track only when you think you finally “get it.” The tune carries out in this progressively wonked out manner, but it’s summer, so the more psychedelic the better, right? This isn’t the type of song I expect to hear at an outdoor festival or club, but as far as enjoying myself with some kick-ass music, this is pure win.

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