Jan 25, 2012
Jungle Riddim
DJ Nut Nut - Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) [Streetlife]

Back in 1994, when dubstep wasn’t even a thought and drum’n’bass was still in its infancy, the underground was buzzing with this new music called jungle. One of jungle’s biggest tunes at that time was DJ Nut Nut’s Special Dedication–a track that got proper rotation from the biggest jungle DJs like Jumping Jack Frost, Bryan Gee, and Kenny Ken. Now, Streetlife Records invites everybody to enjoy this tune again, with a proper remix from Sigma. The london duo has been a staple in many ‘best-of’ compilations recently, getting regular nominations from Drum & Bass Arena and UKF for their hard-edged, bass-heavy anthems, and now they’re adding a contemporary take on this old school classic.

The first noticeable difference in Sigma’s remix of Special Dedication is the massive, droning bassline. It’s wobbled out, and swims alongside the classic Lyn Collins drum break sample (think It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right). Also added were some contemporary sound effects to give the tune a little more variation. Topcat has been employed for the slick ragga vocals, keeping the vibes of the anthemic jungle original intact. It’s unbelievable how seamlessly Sigma is able to move in and out of genres, dropping absolute smashers along the way. This jungle remix speaks volumes to Sigma’s talent as producers!

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