Jul 15, 2013
Joonas Hahmo’s Supercharged Anthem
Joonas Hahmo - GT83 (Original Mix) [Hahmo Recordings]

When it comes to an energetic progressive house anthem with some seriously catchy hooks, you can’t go wrong with Joonas Hahmo. Since his debut release back in 2007, the Finnish producer has since gone on to start his own label, Hahmo Recordings, which is now home to his latest release, GT83.

It’s as you’d expect from Joonas–a catchy melody, some hi-energy synth sounds and a groove which makes this the perfect way to spice up a DJ set. There’s something quite clever about this guy’s production skill, in that quite a simple musical idea is built upon through clever arrangement and sound design to provide something that the audience can instantly relate too. Simply throwing this track on in a club would be a guaranteed way to fill the floor and get people moving.

Out now at Beatport, GT83 is one of those tracks you’ll have stuck on repeat.