Nov 12, 2013
Joker Streams ‘Head Top’ EP
Joker - MR MIYAGI (Original Mix) [Kapsize]
Joker - MARIO TING (Original Mix) [Kapsize]
Joker - HEAD TOP (Original Mix) [Kapsize]
Joker - DESERTED ISLAND (Original Mix) [Kapsize]

“Purple” is a pretty prevalent theme in bass music. The term has become synonymous with a heady, hip-hop inspired subgenre of dubstep (using “dubstep” as a very large umbrella here). The sounds come from all over. Glasgow’s Rustie has jokingly called it “aquacrunk.” Starkey’s Seclusiasis crew in Philly calls it “street bass.” Many around the globe still use the dated (and criticized) term “wonky.” Regardless of where the purple sound is now, it’s undeniable godfather is the UK’s Joker, and he’s back with a new EP, entitled Head Top, which comes out December on Kapsize.

Now streaming off Joker’s SoundCloud, Head Top offers four excellent, trunk-rattling tracks. It kicks off with two chiptune heavy thumpers, Mr. Miyagi and Mario Ting, to get us started. Then things get dark and subby on the title track with some straight up demonic sounding detuned bass–pure evil. Rounding off the release is Deserted Island, which hits hard before floating into jazz territory. If you’re a fan of video games, the dark, and square waves, Head Top may be for you.

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