Dec 03, 2011
Joker Drops an Essential Mix
Joker feat Silas - Here Come the Lights (Original Mix) [4AD]
Joker - My Trance Girl (Original Mix) [4AD]
Joker & Ginz - Re-Up (Original Mix) [Kapsize]

In late November, Bristol dubstep prodigy Joker dropped a very special Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. Two hours chock full of his brand of hedonistic, yet hip dub. In the past, Joker has been a periodic point of talk here at LT3, delivering proper tracks like The Vision and Digidesign. This time around we’re treated with a journey spawned from the mind of one of the freshest dubstep producers out there.

As can be expected, the mix builds off a base comprised mainly of…well, bass. Wobbly basslines to be precise, as well as a barrage of rhythmic kicks, darting snares, and spacey synth lines. Take for instance Here Come the Lights. It’s a prime example of the kind of sound he brings to the table–dreamy yet just the right amount of grime to be a banger on the dancefloor. Also featured on the mix is My Trance Girl, a very futuristic sounding dubstep track; I can just imagine a bunch of alien robots getting down to this jam. Finally, check out Joker’s classic collaboration with Ginz in the form of 2009’s breakthrough hit Re-Up. If you liked these, theres plenty more where that came from on the mix, which can be streamed here.

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