Oct 28, 2010
Join The Revolution
DJ Antention - Gettt! (Original Mix)
DJ Antention - Jump! (Original Mix) [CRUX]

With the stated goal of making Russia the most powerful nation in the world, DJ Antention is releasing some of the hardest tracks in the scene. Gettt! definitely raises the bar on just how much raw energy can be packed into a bassline–someone told me that this track sounds like “someone being murdered” and I think that pretty much sums it up. While not quite as brutal, Jump! is still just as much of a dancefloor killer with its snappy beat and rolling, wobble-inspired bassline.

Though Antention may not have brought the world to its knees quite yet, he’s definitely helping bring awareness to the ever growing Russian electro house scene, pioneered by such DJs as The Proxy and Fast Foot Project. From the looks of things it may not be time to stock up on canned goods quite yet, but you should definitely head over to his MySpace and check out his latest material.

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