Jun 13, 2012
Johnny Yono, Unchained
Johnny Yono - Break These Chains (Original Mix) [Enhanced]

Oh, Enhanced, you sure know how to feed me pretty bass. LA-based producer Johnny Yono has already left his mark with such tracks as Fairfax out on sublabel Always Alive, but he demonstrates consistency with Break These Chains, his latest offering on Enhanced Progressive.

Break These Chains bounces from strength to strength—almost literally; the bassline sounds spring-like and dynamic. Punctuated every now and then by a familiar-sounding “go!” vocal sample, this laid back track tumbles smoothly into a lilting break that has all the makings of a summer anthem. The drop out of the break comes in right before it wanders too far off into beach-house territory, and brings the listener back to earth with a return of that bassline. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this track, but it’s a good example of how being solid and well-structured can be more than enough.

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