Feb 06, 2014
John Askew Shines For Uplifting Trance
John Askew - Shine (Original Mix) [WAO138]

If you want a simple introduction to the trance legend that is John Askew, just check out his Facebook page. It’s got the usual stuff–50k followers, plenty of information about upcoming shows and releases, and an “about” section that quite simply introduces Askew as “a massive shit stirring knob piece.” This is the world of John Askew, where a sense of humour comes first, but making decent trance comes a close second, and his latest release is no exception.

Shine is the Askew style we know and love. There’s a rolling bassline, some subtle-yet-driving acid lines, some massive pads, and most importantly, a hooky and exciting lead melody. It’s quite tough in places, with a subtle hint of hard trance at times, but the euphoric uplifting style is what shines through. Perhaps aside from displaying his sense of humour on social networks, this is what Askew does best.

Shine is out now on Who’s Afraid Of 138? and is more proof, if it were needed, that this corner of Armada dedicated to true uplifting trance, is a genuine and very welcome addition to the scene.

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