Jun 20, 2013
Jimmy Edgar Makes It Hot Inside
Jimmy Edgar - Hot Inside (Original Mix) [Ultramajic]
Jimmy Edgar - Strike (Original Mix) [Ultramajic]
Jimmy Edgar - Shout (Original Mix) [Ultramajic]

Jimmy Edgar’s newest EP marks a very important milestone in his already successful career; it is the first release for Ultramajic, a brand new label headed by himself, Travis Stewart (Machinedrum), and visual artist Pilar Zeta. Hot Inside combines the sounds of Detroit with the attitude of Berlin, bringing fourth a new type of cool–the kind of cool you can only get after living in the underground for several months before finally peeking out to see the sun again.

Bouncy basslines define Hot Inside; they come up from the floor to your teeth in title track. Next up is Strike, with its mechanical tones laid over a tropical beat. Last on the EP is Shout, where bits of low frequency infect you from within before an electro vibe presents itself in the foreground. Keep a close watch on Ultramajic, this may just be the beginning of something great. And don’t forget to add these tracks to your library right away.

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