Sep 03, 2013
Jewelz & Scott Sparks Release Cargo, Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ Remix
Jewelz & Scott Sparks - Cargo (Original Mix) [Cr2]
Fedde Le Grand - Rockin' N' rollin' (Jewelz & Scott Sparks Tomahawk Mix) [Flamingo]

Jewelz & Scott Sparks have steadily grown into one of my favorite duos in electronic dance music, primarily because of their simplistic originality and their ability to make big originals even bigger without doing too much. Last week, they continued to impress me with the releases of their new original mix, Cargo, and their official remix of Fedde Le Grand’s Rockin’ N’ Rollin’. These just might be my favorite tunes from the German duo thus far, and that’s saying a lot when the tandem has tracks such as Toxic Rush, Flashbang, and NYMSN under their belt.

Cargo is a dynamic fusion of minimal big room, numbing bass patches, and soaring rave synths, making this arguably their most fun and eclectic original mix to date. Their remix for the Flamingo label head, however, strips the original down to its core and focuses on a pummeling drumline and a riveting build up sequence. Both are absolutely righteous in their own regard, so don’t feel bad if you end up listening to each of them several times a day, as I am right there with you. Both releases are available through Beatport, so check out Cargo here and their remix for Fedde Le Grand here.

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