Sep 09, 2015
Jersey Icon Nadus Returns With ‘Nxwxrk’ Video, Album Date

One year after releasing his vaunted Nxwxrk EP, Jersey club maestro Nadus announced Oct. 16 as the date for the release of a Nxwxrk deluxe album featuring the 2014-released EP’s singles, remixes, and two brand new songs.

The deluxe edition of Nxwxrk includes the five original singles, five new remixes from DJ Sliink, Gutta, Samename & Richelle, and Noah Breakfast (featuring emcees GrandeMarshall and Tunji Ige). As well, the two new originals are Broke City (which serves as another thumping Newark tribute) and Bust It Open, a Nadus track that’s already been a raucous set favorite of the producer’s for some time.

The title track now has a LIL INTERNET-directed video as well. It’s a quick-cutting glimpse into Nadus’ hometown of Newark, New Jersey that features 450 gritty clips of the city’s streets, buildings and residents, too. It conveys a sense of the tough urban surroundings that inform Nadus’ Jersey club stylings.

No pre-order information is yet available for the deluxe album version of Nxwxrk, but do check out the Nxwxrk video below.

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