Aug 26, 2011
Jekyll & Hyde
Terravita - Gangsta Don't Dance (Original Mix) [Rottun]
Hot Pink Delorean - Right Over Here (Original Mix)

Back in February Proto introduced us to Chris Barlow, Matt Simmers and Jon Spero, the three fellows behind both Terravita and Hot Pink Delorean. While the former is a force in drum’n’bass and the latter in house, both of these groups should be very apparent blips on your radar.

When a lot of artists support multiple personas or names they tend to focus on one for a bit and then the other. Not these guys–with a release from each name in the past month it seems like these Bostonians may be finding their musical stride. First up is a tune from Terravita’s newest release. The track’s called Gangsta Don’t Dance, and let’s just say it definitely proves its point. A head-rocking dnb/drumstep track, this beat is a lot less about dancing and a lot more about straight up raging.
From the opposite side of the spectrum comes Hot Pink Delorean’s celebratory track Right Over Here from their recent Rhythm From Mars EP. Led by some in-your-face horns, this track is all about dancing the rest of the night away–something you’ll rarely see in a Terravita track.

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