Jul 12, 2014
Jaytech Branches Out With ‘Positronic’
Jaytech - Tank Logic (Original Mix) [Positronic]
Jaytech - Entropy (Original Mix) [Positronic]
Jaytech - Entropy (Original Mix) [Positronic]
Jaytech - Blackout (Original Mix) [Positronic]

Having spent the last 8 years as one of the true stars of Anjunadeep, Australian producer James Cayzer, better known as Jaytech, has decided to branch out on his own. What better way to kick things off for his new label, Positronic, than with a four-track EP from the man himself?

Sharing the name of his new brand, the Positronic EP is all about that cross between progressive house and trance that made Jaytech popular in the first place. There’s something tricky to describe about his work, but there’s a mixture of raw grit and smooth lush sounds that James always manages to nail. Opening track Tank Logic is all about the big riffs and mixes those familiar dark and nasty bass stabs with some piano-tinged hooks. It all gets very dreamy and uplifting at times and provides an interesting contrast of styles. Entropy takes things on a more progressive route with a classic and solid Jaytech bassline while the flowing arrangement slowly introduces ideas over the full track without the need for massive drops. Electron returns to a trancier influence, but is deep, dark, and brooding, while closing track Blackout takes things in an entirely different direction, with a chilled-out trip-hop influence that harkens back to Jaytech’s now-classic debut album, Everything Is OK.

If the Positronic EP is an indicator of what Positronic the label is going to offer, it’s certainly a massive coup for the scene and for the man behind it. Grab it now on Beatport.

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