Jun 03, 2015
Jay Lumen Punches Into The ‘Stratosphere’
Jay Lumen - Stratosphere (Original Mix) [Octopus]
Jay Lumen - Pattern One (Original Mix) [Octopus]

Hungarian techno king Jay Lumen is arguably one of the genre’s finest products, bubbling away firmly in underground territory, yet putting his head just high enough above the parapet that he is noticed by the mainstream. As a result, he occupies a rare position that many a DJ must secretly be jealous of, a point that is reinforced by his mastery in the studio–a skill that is beautifully illustrated in his latest EP Stratosphere.

Firmly setting the tone is the title track, a clever mix of booming techno suited for a packed and sweaty club, set off by some simple little melodies that hint at Lumen’s roots in tech house. It makes for an atmospheric opener, one that conjures images of late nights and early mornings in Ibiza, an environment Stratosphere should thrive in. On the flip-side, Lumen is right back into the dark and dirty side of techno with Pattern One. Simple, raw, and unrelenting, this is more reminiscent of cold Berlin nights than balmy Balearic evenings. Whatever the setting, the whole EP is another solid showing from Jay, and should cement his reputation as one of the hottest underground producers of the moment.

Stratosphere is out now on Octopus Records, so grab your copy here.