Sep 23, 2011
Japanese Wub
Ajapai - Energize (Original Mix) [Rottun]
Ajapai - Bounce (Original Mix) [Rottun]

Oh, those Japanese DJs. How I do love their crazy experimentation, whether it be with trance, hip hop, or in this case, dubstep. Meet Ajapai, Rottun’s newest dubstep samurai from the Land of the Rising Sun. Ajapai likes things messy, taking a page out of the books of similar artists like Excision and Datsik. His new EP, Energize, is reminiscent of the “swag dubstep” we all fell in love with. You know what I’m talking about–tracks like Rusko’s Woo Boost or Doctor P’s remix of Sick.

Energize’s title track immediately caught my attention. It makes you want to dance like a goof (read: bro out) to its bendy, swagged-out beats. You’ll see exactly what I mean after the first drop. For another healthy dose of filth to the dome, check out the drumstep madness that is Bounce. This thing is just as disgusting as any other production you’d expect to out of Rottun, but has an interesting experimental edge to it. Strap in and press play!

Photo courtesy of Oh Dag Yo.

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