Jun 17, 2015
Japan Lifts Ban On Late-Night Dancing

In a story that would make a tremendous adaptation for an EDM-era take on the ’80s film Footloose, Japan’s 67-year-old Fueiho law banning dance clubs from staying open after midnight has been officially changed by the country’s government.

Plans to change the law were set into motion last year, however a new version of the plans were formalized by Japan’s House Of Councillors on June 17. Dance clubs can now stay open for 24 hours if they meet certain conditions including being equipped with lighting brighter than 10 lux, which is classified under the lux lighting scale as being “pitch black.”

Clubs with lighting darker than 10 lux will still be classified as “adult entertainment businesses,” but in certain locales will be permitted to open after midnight. Furthermore, the Japan Times states, “police will measure illumination in the clubs’ seating areas and permit dimmer light in dance areas.” As well, if a dance club does not serve alcohol after midnight, they are not under the regulation’s purview and can stay open for 24 hours.

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