Nov 27, 2013
James Blake Can’t Pay His ‘Bills’
Harmonimix (James Blake) - Bills (Original Mix)

I’m not even gonna front: Destiny’s Child’s 1999 album The Writing’s on the Wall was one of the first CDs I ever remember buying with my allowance money, and I’m sure I knew every single word to every song. It probably looked strange to outside observers to see a pasty, acne-ridden white boy doing his best diva impression alongside Beyoncé in the back seat of his mom’s car, but I certainly didn’t care.

Thankfully there are producers like James Blake out there legitimizing my guilty childhood pleasures by updating them for modern, forward-thinking audiences. This morning, Blake uploaded Bills (attributed to his Harmonimix alter ego) to his 1-800 Dinosaur SoundCloud page with little fanfare, preferring instead to let the tune speak for itself. It’s a strangely catchy, warped reworking of Destiny’s Child’s Bills, Bills, Bills, rounded out with Blake’s trademark loungey synth sounds and skittering percussion.

Harmonimix’s Bills is available for free in lovely, lossless WAV format on SoundCloud. Don’t worry–you still know all the lyrics.

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