Nov 26, 2014
Only 200 Pressed Available For James Blake’s ‘200 Press’
James Blake - 200 Press [1-800-Dinosaur]

Call 1-800-Dinosaur, James Blake’s new song 200 Press is about to be released. The elusive singer has said that the title is not cryptic, but is meant to inform fans that only “200 are going to be pressed up.” It will be available as a 12″ and 7″ double pack for those who consider themselves strict vinylphiles.

The track is yet another brooding addition to Blake’s catalog and the 1-800-Dinosaur imprint that he helmed alongside former R&S Record manager Dan Foat. 200 Press follows an old-school hip-hop style, which is not uncommon for Blake but brings in his nuanced atmospherics for a sinister finish.

Alongside the release of this track and Building It Still, Blake has also informed fans that his album is “about 70-percent done” and will possibly include a collaborative track with Kanye West.

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