Oct 26, 2014
Get In The Moment With Jallen
Jallen - Moments (Original Mix) [Macarize]

It’s always a pleasure when a promising yet largely unknown producer makes their mark on the scene with a stand-out track, and that’s exactly what US producer Jallen has done with his debut on Swedish label Macarize.

Moments is a cross-over between uplifting and big room trance, with some throbbing bass riffs and some stompy percussion driving the track along, just as you’d probably expect. Yet while the break into the epic atmospheric pads and piano riffs may seem cliché on paper, the way Jallen works the arrangement gives Moments a classic touch of progressive trance that is rare in tracks like this. Rather than the uplifting style acting as a token gesture in the middle of a big room anthem, Moments is more like a chilled trance track, nicely bolstered by some heavy riffs and beats. In the same way the likes of Arty and Audien broke onto the scene with their own take on an already established style, Jallen presents a unique and refreshing approach to trance that should see him go far in the future.

Moments is out now on Macarize as a Beatport exclusive.

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