Jul 30, 2011
Jakwob's Lack of Wob
Jakwob - Right Beside You (Original Mix)
Jakwob - Right Beside You (Jakwob VIP Mix)

Through all the jaw-clenching wobs and club-shaking drops, it seems like a lot of people lose the musical potential of the still-blooming genre of dubstep. Determined to shake the stereotype that dubstep is actually “wubstep,” London-based producer Jakwob just unveiled his much anticipated release, Right Beside You. Featuring both male and female vocals, as well as a diverse array of sounds, this danceable dubstep track is sure to grab anyone’s attention.

Also tagged onto his latest release is Jakwob’s own VIP mix of the track. This version strays from the vocal loyalty seen in the original and goes off on a slightly more aggressive, breaks-driven tangent. Although similar to the original, the VIP mix changes it up enough to not only stand on its own, but do so in style.

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