Jan 29, 2013
Jakwob Refuses to Fade Away

Jakwob. There’s a name not heard in a little while (at least not stateside). I’ll admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for the English producer. His awe-inspiring remixes of Ellie Goulding (exhibit A and exhibit B) helped popularize dubstep in North America and introduced me to a world of sounds I never imagined. After releasing his debut album The Prize in 2012, Jakwob is back with his first single of the new year, Fade, featuring the vocals of fellow UK-native Maiday.

Fade sees Jakwob combine bits of trance, drum & bass, and breakbeat to produce a heart-wrenching song of beauty and melancholy; it both relaxes the mind and comforts the heart. What really stands out the most are the beautiful vocals of Maiday–her voice pushes the song to outstanding heights and definitely adds soul. This song is class the whole way through and should hopefully give the diverse and talented producer some name-recognition this year. Pre-order the Fade EP now on iTunes to grab yourself a slice of bliss.

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