Jan 28, 2014
Jacuzzi Demonstrates Vulnerability With Tinashe Remix
Tinashe - Vulnerable (Jacuzzi Remix)

Ryan “Jacuzzi” York, the self-proclaimed “Producer/Neo-Waikiki dolphin trainer from Hawaii,” has just shared a heady new remix of Vulnerable from rising LA singer Tinashe (that’s ‘Tee-NAH-shay’ for the uninitiated).

Tinashe first caught my attention last year with her guest spot on One For Me, one of the many highlights from Ryan Hemsworth’s debut LP Guilt Trips. That track demonstrated that Tinashe is fully capable of dominating a tune on the strength of her voice alone, and Jacuzzi’s new remix only solidifies that reputation. In fact, Jacuzzi’s Vulnerable remix hinges almost entirely on Tinashe’s inimitable pipes, albeit with her phrases chopped and blurred until only the texture remains above the sparse trap beat.

Jacuzzi’s Vulnerable remix is available for free in exchange for some love on Facebook.

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