Oct 30, 2014
Jacques Greene Announces New EP, Releases First Track & Video

Jacques Greene dips his toes into challenging new territory in the new video for 1 4 Me, the first track from the Canadian producer’s upcoming EP, After Life After Party.

Directed by Melissa Matos, the video features the unique YouTube trend of Nike TN dipping–a new fad where participants ruin a fresh pair of Nikes by dipping them in a swimming pool. For the track itself, Jacques Greene provides a soundtrack of refined and restrained beats, packing in a watery blend of aquatic melodies and shifting synths.

Speaking to The Fader, Greene talks about the recording process of the EP and how 1 4 Me was designed as a challenge in simplicity for the producer.

“These tracks were born out of experimenting with a bit of self-imposed restraints. Afterlife was a particular sound palette I wanted to stick to and see what would come of it. 1 4 Me was trying to challenge myself to keep an arrangement dead simple. They came out of a period that was actually really prolific for me and I hope to share more soon, but these two stuck together with a playful spirit. Some fun for the end of summer, as we tread into winter.”

After Life After Party is the second EP for Greene this year following the release of Phantom Vibrate in April. The latest EP features two new tracks from Greene, plus two additional remixes of the title track from Baton Rouge producer Suicideyear and the UK’s Sei A. After Life After Party is out Nov. 12 on LuckyMe.

1. After Life, After Party
2. 1 4 Me
3. After Life, After Party (Suicideyear Remix)
4. After Life, After Party (Sei A Remix)

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