Feb 02, 2015
JackLNDN Brings The Sun In ‘What I’ve Done’ Remix
James Hersey - What I've Done (JackLNDN Remix)

Although JackLNDN (pictured) is still busy preparing for the release of his new EP, he’s still found time to give fans some new music to tide them over, most recently with his spin on James Hersey’s What I’ve Done.

His second remix of the year, JackLNDN’s latest transforms Hersey’s soulful ballad into a soothing cascade of bright, tropical chords. He utilizes an energetic beat full of melodious synths to give the track the sophisticated yet dance-inducing sound that’s come to define the British producer. JackLNDN proclaims via SoundCloud, “Hopefully my music will make you happier than you were before.” Judging from his latest, it’s safe to say he’s succeeding.

No word on an official release date for JackLNDN’s The Summer Never Ends EP, but we’ll keep you up to date as news comes out.

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