Apr 27, 2015
JackLNDN Has Us Feeling A Little ‘Crazy’
Thief - Crazy (JackLNDN Remix) [Vitalic Noise]

UK producer JackLNDN has returned with another groovy, feel-good remix, this time taking on Sydney-based electropop artist Thief’s Crazy.

We’ve seen JackLNDN infuse funky synths and guitar riffs into tracks before, but his remix of Crazy takes these skills to new heights. The remix begins with a guitar and beat that are reminiscent of Daft Punk’s Lose Yourself to Dance, setting the stage for a track that incorporates major elements of disco and funk. Thief’s sensual, chopped-up vocals help to carry the track along and play particularly well with the synths that JackLNDN has delivered.

JackLNDN’s remix is available for purchase on iTunes here.

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