Oct 28, 2011
Jackin' da Bass
Marcel Woods - Inside Me (Bassjackers Remix) [High Contrast]
Bassjackers & Apster - Brougham (Original Mix) [Wall]

As Shmurkio put it, “you gotta be pretty confident with a name like Bassjackers.” In the past few months, the Dutch duo has been showing us that Dutch house has still got a killer edge in the face of the complextro wave. They’ve been on tour as well as releasing a steady stream of bangers, taking on the epic Nocturnal Festival on top of other appearances around the world.

Remixing the mighty Marcel Woods’ Inside Me, the Bassjackers certainly know how to arrange a hard drop. The vocals aren’t too indicative of what’s coming up, but when the beat comes you know they mean business. I caught the tune on W&W’s Mainstage podcast, where the duo described it as “a banger among bangers.” In Brougham, a collaboration with Apster, you get a bit more of that unfiltered Bassjackers sound in the form of some very vicious wobble house. If anything, Dutch house is just evolving with the times.

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