Feb 10, 2011
Ivy League
Harvard Bass - Pruno (Original Mix) [Teenage Riot]
Harvard Bass - Pruno (Style Of Eye Remix) [Teenage Riot]
Harvard Bass - Onurp (Original Mix) [Teenage Riot]

What gives a producer the right to associate himself with America’s most famous institution of higher education? Well, Harvard Bass actually went there–before “getting kicked out for bumping too much music (let’s just leave it at that)”, according to an interview. The San Diego native puts out a dancefloor-smashing blend of electro, techno and groovy house. In the remix sphere, he’s well associated with acts like Drop The Lime and Toxic Avenger. Having caught a live set from the man himself at Audiotistic last summer, I can attest that the bass was most definitely outrageous.

Now, Mr. Bass is coming back hard with the Pruno EP. It features techno-like layering with those dirty electro sounds all laid over a bouncy beat–classic Harvard Bass construction. His tracks retain an unmistakable sense of motion despite their overall heaviness, exemplified by the B-side Onurp (Pruno backwards, lol). Repetition and evolution reminiscent of more minimal tracks make up the core of each song. There’s also a remix of each track; Style of Eye’s, however, takes the cake. It turns Pruno into a dark, eerie banger perfect for a hard electro set.

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